HIKvision NVR 4 Channel Full Kit

brand: HIKvision
type: NVR Camera
cameras: 4
resolution: 2mp
harddrive: 500gb



HIKvision NVR 4 Channel Full Kit

HIKvision NVR 4 Channel

HIKvision NVR 4 Channel Full Kit


Hikvision WiFi Camera
Connects to the recorder via WiFi, so there’s no need to run cables between the devices. Perfect for large properties or installations that need to be moved around. Provides a range of up to 40 metres.

2-Megapixel Video
Unlike traditional wireless cameras with low resolutions, these cameras record 2688×1520 video, with twice the detail of even Full HD, at 20 frames per second.

High Resolution Video
Outputs video with over twice the detail of Full HD, for recording and viewing on an NVR.

30m Night Vision
Uses infrared LEDs to clearly record subjects after dark, even in larger outdoor spaces. Up to 30 metres of night vision range.

Dome housings not only keep cameras discreet, but are completely weatherproof, allowing outdoor use.

Wide Angle Lens
2.8mm lens records everything in a 103° arc in front of the camera.

One-time Configuration

  •  Connect camera to recorder using the included patch cable for a one-time setup, then the camera can be used over wifi with no network cable.

     Automated Network Recovery

  • Cameras include a MicroSD card slot, which can be set up as an automated backup in case the recorder loses connection. Cards not included.

Wide Dynamic Range
Setting allows enhanced highlight and shadow sensitivity, so it adjusts the image automatically to eliminate areas of underexposure and overexposure, helping preserve detail in high-contrast lighting conditions such as windows.

Smart Detection

Allows the use of Hikvision’s latest automation features, including line crossing, object removal and intrusion detection.

On-board Recording
Features a built-in MicroSD slot for recording. Supports cards up to 128GB.

Smartphone Connectivity
Remote access allows you to connect into the camera using an app on your smartphone.

H.265+ Compression
Sends video compressed using H.265+ technology so that higher quality footage can be stored using a more efficient amount of capacity.

Sub Streams
Captures full resolution footage whilst simultaneously streaming lower resolution images to PC & mobile devices.

Audio & Alarm Inputs
Includes audio and alarm outputs for recording of sound and integration into an existing alarm system.


4-Channel Network Video Recorder
NVR connects to your router, and picks up the cameras on your network.

2MP Recorder
Capable of recording at 2688×1520 resolution, so you won’t lose any of the stunning detail from the cameras.

Hard Drive Storage
Includes your choice of pre-installed hard drive for storing footage.

HDMI Output
easily connect recorder to an HD TV or monitor using standard cable.

Remote Access
View live cameras or recordings from anywhere in the world using apps for PC, phone or tablet.

Alarm In/Out
CCTV connects to an existing alarm system, letting the devices trigger each other.

HIKvision NVR 4 Channel Full Kit



Bespoke Features of the HIKVISION NVR 4 Channel Full Kit

  • Hikvision 4 Channel DVR
  • 4 Bullet / dome Hikvision CCTV Cameras
  • 100m Connecting Wire
  • 500GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Storage
  • 5ams Power Supply
  • Accessories: 4 DC, 8 BNC

5 key Reasons why you should opt for HIKVISION NVR 4 Channel Full Kit Package

1.       Highly Affordable CCTV Package

HIKVISION NVR 4 Channel DVR Kit is a full CCTV package ready for installation and use. The 4-channel hikvision CCTV system consists of 4 cameras, a NVR set, 100ml cable, 500 HDD, a power supply, and accessories that are quite really affordable at a discounted price of Kes 22,000. The CCTV package goes for as high as Kes 38,000 on the market.

2.      Sufficient Storage of Video Footage

The 500HDD is quite sufficient for the 4 CCTV Security Cameras. Considering the Hikvision CCTV system will keep on running once powered on, the DVR set is programmed to delete the old footage to accommodate new videos.

You can opt for cloud storage backup or purchase a larger HDD of up to 8TB to provide as much security footage as possible over a long period of time.

3.       Easy Monitoring during Surveillance

Part of the installation process involves the configuration of the 4 Hikvision cameras through the DVR set to visibility on your monitor. Through the monitor, you can have a visual of the 4 installed cameras and playback video footage to a specific day or time of interest.

4.      Simple Installation Set-up

Installation of the hikvision CCTV cameras and kit at your home is simple and does not take long. We recommend you work with a certified technician to identify the key areas that the camera needs to cover and other technical specifications. In most cases, they help establish the accessories, length of connecting wire, and other requirements before the actual installation.

Based on their recommendations, you will be better advised on all materials needed for a successful installation to avoid inconveniences and getting beyond your set budget.

A site survey helps establish the CCTV installation cost, which is charged separately from the CCTV material cost.

5.      Technical Support

Our Technical Staff at BigTech CCTV are well-trained and experienced in issues relating to CCTV Camera installation. Right from conception, you will get all the technical assistance you need to make up your mind on the purchase of the CCTV camera kit, the necessity of a site survey depending on the complexity of your site, and budgetary considerations for financial planning.

After installation, we follow up to ensure the job was well done and you are getting value for your money. In case there are technical issues or clarifications you need; our technical assistant will be ready and willing to help.

Monitoring Of The Security Footage

Part of the installation process involves the successful monitoring of the 4 cameras through their respective video recordings. It is recommended you have a monitor (Digital TV or special build surveillance monitor) in a secure room to enable uncompromised access and running through the security video footage.

Each camera has its configurations based on the initial set-up, hence easy to check real-time or past video footage from the different angles and locations around your home.

FAQs About HIKVISION NVR  4 Channel Channel Kit.

  • Can I install the HIKVISION 4 Channel NVR Kit on my property/ home all by myself? it is advisable you get the assistance of a certified and experienced technician to assist with installation.
  • Are the cameras and NVR in the HIKVISION 4 Channel Kit analogue or digital? It’s analogue. To use a digital surveillance CCTV camera system, you will need to acquire IP cameras and an NVR system.
  • Are the cameras in the HIKVISION 4 Channel NVR Channel Kit installed outside the house or inside? The cameras are waterproof and can be installed both inside your house and outside, depending on your security concerns. HIKVISION Bullet CCTV Cameras are recommended for installation outside the house. Dome Cameras on the other hand best work within structures, such as strategic corners in the house, or store.
  • Can the cameras on the 4 Channel NVR kit work without the Coaxial Cable? The 4 Channel NVR kit is wired, with the cable connecting the CCTV cameras from the strategic locations to the NVR for processing and storage in the HDD.
  • Do the cameras in the HIKVISION 4 Channel Kit capture images in full HD color? The surveillance cameras once installed capture full-color images within the viewing angle. At night, the lenses capture videos in black and white.
  • What is the distance the camera captures images while recording? 20m IR distance.
  • What is the purpose of the 4-channel NVR in the HIKVISION 4-Channel kit? The NVR is the brain of the whole CCTV surveillance system. It acquires the raw data from the CCTV camera recordings and processes the same into real images for viewing on the installed monitor.
  • Can the HIKVISION 4 Channel NVR work with less than 4 cameras or more than 4 cameras? The DVR has 4 channels to accommodate a max of 4 cameras. You can have 1, 2 up to 4 cameras installed and connected to it, but no more. If you have 5 or more cameras, you have to opt for an 8 Channel DVR kit.
  • Are HIKVISION CCTV cameras waterproof? They are created to suit all weather conditions.
  • Do the CCTV cameras in the HIKVISION  4-channel NVR kit record audio? No. for audio capture, you have to opt for other sets of cameras with different specifications other than the ones for this specific CCTV camera package. There are several CCTV cameras with audio capabilities on our website:



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