HIKvision NVR 8 Channel Full Kit

brand: HIKvision
type: NVR Camera
cameras: 8
resolution: 2mp
harddrive: 1TB





HIKvision NVR 8 Channel WiFi Camera
Connects to the recorder via WiFi, so there’s no need to run cables between the devices. Perfect for large properties or installations that need to be moved around. Provides a range of up to 40 meters.

2-Megapixel Video

  • Unlike traditional wireless cameras with low resolutions
  • These cameras record 2688×1520 video
  • The detail of even Full HD, at 20 frames per second.

High-Resolution Video
Outputs video with over twice the detail of Full HD, for recording and viewing on an NVR.

30m Night Vision
Uses infrared LEDs to clearly record subjects after dark, even in larger outdoor spaces. Up to 30 meters of night vision range.

Dome housings not only keep cameras discreet but are completely weatherproof, allowing outdoor use.

Wide Angle Lens
A 2.8mm lens records everything in a 103° arc in front of the camera.

One-time Configuration– Connect the camera to the recorder using the included patch cable for a one-time setup, then the camera can be used over wifi with no network cable.

Automated Network Recovery

Cameras include a MicroSD card slot, which can be set up as an automated backup in case the recorder loses connection. Cards not included.

Wide Dynamic Range
The setting allows enhanced highlight and shadow sensitivity, so it adjusts the image automatically to eliminate areas of underexposure and overexposure, helping preserve detail in high-contrast lighting conditions such as windows.

Smart Detection
Allows the use of Hikvision’s latest automation features, including line crossing, object removal, and intrusion detection.

On-board Recording
Features a built-in MicroSD slot for recording. Supports cards up to 128GB.

Smartphone Connectivity
Remote access allows you to connect to the camera using an app on your smartphone.

H.265+ Compression
Sends video compressed using H.265+ technology so that higher quality footage can be stored using a more efficient amount of capacity.

Sub Streams
Captures full resolution footage whilst simultaneously streaming lower resolution images to PC & mobile devices.

Audio & Alarm Inputs
Includes audio and alarm outputs for the recording sound and integration into an existing alarm system.

8-Channel Hikvision Network Video Recorder
NVR connects to your router and picks up the cameras on your network.

2MP Recorder

Capable of recording at 2688×1520 resolution, so you won’t lose any of the stunning detail from the cameras.

Hard Drive Storage
Includes your choice of pre-installed hard drive for storing footage.

HDMI Output
easily connect the recorder to an HD TV or monitor using a standard cable.

Remote Access
View live cameras or recordings from anywhere in the world using apps for PC, phone, or tablet.

Alarm In/Out
CCTV connects to an existing alarm system, letting the devices trigger each other.


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