Standalone Smoke Detector 9v


9v Alkaline battery operated
Ideal for use in bedrooms
The cover cannot be closed if the battery removed
Comes complete with fixings

wireless smoke detector



Standalone Smoke Detector designed to protect you and your family from the dangers of smoke and fire, the Ei 100BQWX continuously Smoke D for the signs of smoke and fire even in the event of power loss in your home. It has an easily visible test button and the alarm will warn you when the battery needs replacing by giving an intermittent “beep” sound. Easy to install and comes complete with battery and fixing kit for Smoke Detector.

Wireless Smoke Detector / standalone smoke detector

Stand-alone smoke alarm detector
Conform to EN 14604, CE CPR and NF DAAF approved (by AFNOR certification).
Photoelectric technology guarantee without radioelement.
Gives a loud signal: 85 dB at 3 meters.
Powered by a lithium battery (lifetime: 10 years, not replaceable).
The life cycle of 10 years: Due date indicated on the product.
Fitted with:
‘’hush function’’: in case of a false alarm permit to stop the alarm sound for 10 minutes.
grid insect protection (to avoid false alarm).
‘’anti-theft function’’ (suitable for rental housing – a tool is necessary to take off the detector).
Delivered with screws and battery.


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