Undergate cable 50 ft

Under gate cable

  • Ideal for use in  charger , fence line and under permanent gates
  • Double insulated
  • Rated up to 20,000 volts
  • Class 3 galvanized wire
  • All weather



Undergate cable

Electric Fence Undergate Cable 50m

A lead-out Undergate cable from the energizer to the fence in a safe insulated manner.

Can also be used to carry electricity to the next section of the fence.

Used for all other high voltage transmissions using aluminum wires and galvanized earth spikes.

uses UV stabilized double insulation and tough polythene sheath for abrasion resistance.

  • Ideal for use between charger and fence line and under permanent gates
  • Double insulation limits unintended voltage loss
  • Insulation rated up to 20,000 volts
  • 12½ gauge, Class 3 galvanized wire
  • UV resistant sleeve resists weathering


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