Intercom Thermo Camera


Intercom Thermo Camera Key Features

  • Body Temperature Detection
  • Secure infrared Face Recognition
  • Touchscreen Digital Keypad Digital Phonebook
  • Non-Touchscreen Voice Commands Option
  • NFC & Bluetooth contactless via Smartphone
  • RFID contactless via ID card or key fob
  • QR Code and temporary Pin Code generation
  • Waterproof & Impact resistant


A thermal imaging camera allows you to detect subtle problems before they result in failures. Speed up diagnosis, reduce—maybe even avoid—unscheduled downtime, and minimize damage to structures and contents. A thermal imaging camera offers a variety of advantages, because it can be used for:

  • Most types of equipment
  • Collecting data in hazardous environment from a safe distance
  • Scanning large areas such as walls, ceilings, and roofs quickly
  • Gathering data without disrupting production


  • Quickly identifying irregularities in specific locations
  • Detecting problems before failure
Intercom Thermo Camera
Intercom Thermo Camera

thermal cameras outperform a visual camera in dark scenes and are a great tool for detecting people and objects in 24/7 surveillance, from pitch black areas to a sunlit parking lot.


FLIR thermal security camera systems offer an unmatched, integrated end-to-end security system ranging from feature-rich visible cameras to the most advanced thermal security cameras, open-platform software offerings, and smarter video analytics to protect high-value assets and lives.

FLIR thermal security cameras are available in fixed mount static and dual thermal/optical pan/tilt configurations.

Intercom Thermo Camera
Intercom Thermo Camera

Our team of thermal experts at GoThermal are available to assist you with quotations and the correct recommendation of thermal security cameras you need to tackle your security needs. Check out our range of premium thermal security surveillance products.

Choosing a Thermal Security Camera ?

FLIR thermal security cameras are the best choice for securing perimeters, offering perimeter intrusion detection and verification using advanced video analytics to detect intruders before problems occur. With the FLIR range of thermal security camera’s you will achieve superb perimeter protection from all directions in any conditions.
Intercom Thermo Camera
Intercom Thermo Camera
Making the best even better, FLIR combined their most complete and advanced thermal cameras with United VMS, Cameleon Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, and smart video analytics. A feat that enforces complete protection from the most powerful and intelligent security system. As invaluable as peace of mind.
Detect intruders, verify alarms, and gather forensic evidence with FLIR’s wide range of security solutions. United VMS merged with world-class thermal and high definition visible cameras, analytics and recorders protect what you value the most 24/7.
FLIR products help organizations deliver the best in class technology with consistent reliability and low false alarms.

Fluke thermal imaging cameras offer you more:

Get the Fluke thermal imaging cameras that are built on 65+ years of industrial experience. Each thermal imaging camera is built without compromise to the Fluke standard of “ruggedness, reliability and accuracy”.

Designed for everyday use in any environment, for thorough and accurate inspections. Choose from the Pocket, High-Resolution Handheld and High-Resolution Mounted Series.

Thermal imaging systems

Intercom Thermo Camera

Thermal imaging systems are designed and produced for coronavirus control. We use thermal imager cameras to collect the group people body temperature, analysis and report in our software system to show all real time body temperatures, alarm for the high temperature people with light and sound.

Make record of all alarmed person. All inspection process are automatically done without any touching.

This is a security solution which already succeeded in China for coronavirus control in the following area:

1-Transportation systems including airports, railways, metros, land transportation;

Public transportation is the places where a lot of passengers get together and be close to each others. It is also the places where the coronavirus spread easily. We need to use the thermal imaging systems to test all passengers forehead temperatures in group without touching people and no stoping the human traffic.

High temperature sound and light alarm makes the inspection process much easier than testing body temperature one by one.

2-Education systems including education management offices, schools;

Many kindergarten, shools, universities and their management offices are closed to avoid the coronavirus spread. Once the shools and offices reopen the fast temperature measure solution should be provided as a security solution.

Consider the students and teachers should be in shool in time every day, the fast temperature checking is needed, or there will be heavy traffic infront of the gates.

Intercom Thermo Camera

3-Government offices;

Government offices are closed gradually because of the coronavirus, while for necessary management of the whole country or local states, government offices can not be closed totally. No touching temperature measurement solution should be provided, for the key persons who are working under danger.

4-Commercial buildings including factories, companies, hotels, banks ect.

After the coronavirus issue is under control, all the commercial orgnizations will back to normal work, while all people get together again, which is the risk of coronavirus spreading.

In this way, the commercial building security department and the management board should consider the thermal imaging systems for group people temperature measurement to find the potential virus carrier, and manage the medical isolation in time.

We provide different levels of thermal imaging security solutions for customers needs under different budget. We provide high level, middle level, standard levels solutions.

Each solution mainly including thermal camera, EI software, and optional parts including black bodies which is used for high level accuracy calibration. Generally the systems are different in the thermal cameras with different thermal imaging resolutions.

The main features of the thermal imaging systems focus on the following:

1-No touching body temperature measuring

2-Group people pass without stop

3-Sound and light alarm for high temperature person

4-Data management system to have records

5-High accuracy measuring with real time numbers of temperatures.

6-Self setting of the alarm temperature.

7-Easy operation for any junior operators.

8-Easy movement and installations for any public places

2N® IP Intercoms can be integrated with thermal IP camera to enhance overall security of access system.

Such system can for example block an access to door if IP camera system trigger an alarm based on certain detected temperature above set limit.



  • IP  intercoms / Access Units with firmware 2.28 and later
  • Enhanced Integration or Gold license in your 2N device (Access Units come with Gold license from factory)
  • Thermal IP cam with alarm trigger feature and output. 
  • Thermal IP cam needs to be certificated to measure body temperature.


Scenario is designed to watch certain area in front of 2N® IP Intercom and in case temperature exceed certain limit, it will trigger camera’s alarm output which is connected to 2N® IP Intercom Input 1. Once this happens, 2N® IP Intercom will prohibit an access to door even for authorized user.



Install and direct Thermal IP camera to see area in following way:

  • to be able to see person coming to 2N® IP Intercom before that person can authenticate
  • to be able to see person standing right at 2N® IP Intercom all the time
  • to be able to ignore person not coming or standing near 2N® IP Intercom
  • (Optional) you can select specific area for thermal alarm in camera software in case thermal IP camera see too much of surrounding area



How to set it up:

  • which area it should watch
  • temperature level it should trigger an alarm
  • which output should be triggered when alarm happens (OUT1)


Access 2N® IP Intercom configuration using your web browser and configure 2N® IP Intercom to not allow access by inbuilt mechanism, because we will control it using an automation feature and access will be based on information we receive from thermal camera.

Disable Switch 1 in Hardware – Switches – Switch 1 section of 2N® IP Intercom configuration


Enable Switch 2 in Hardware – Switches – Switch 2 section of 2N® IP Intercom configuration and set it to trigger output connected to strike (lock).


Please set parameter Door Lock to value not used in section Door – Door.


Set an automation to prevent opening door if scanning device shorts the circuit connected from its OUT1  to input1 in 2N® IP Intercom

Above automation will open lock for authenticated user only if thermal IP camera cleared the circuit.

Thermal Body Temperature Measurement

It is capable of high accurate body temperature measurement ±0.3℃(with blackbody). Built-in AI algorithm for multi-person measuring up to 3m distance which enables fast and non-contact access.


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