Quality Dash cam 2-in-1 Smart Rear


  • Collision Detection & Motion Detector
  • Video & Audio Recorder
  • Full HD LCD 3.5″ Display
  • 32GB Memory Card Slot
  • Premium Design
  • Easy Installation


2-in-1 Smart Rear-View Mirror & Built-In Dash Cam

Collision Detection & Motion Detector

Crafted with the latest technology this Dash cam built-in motion sensor measures your vehicle’s movement. This means that if your vehicle is involved in an incident, then there’s a higher degree of accuracy as it’ll show the exact movements of your vehicle at the time of the incident. If a sudden movement is detected, the footage automatically starts saving.

 Dash Cam Backup Camera and 5'' IPS Touch Screen Rearview Mirror Monitor 1080P Front and Rear Dual Dash Camera with Parking Assistance, IP67 LLL Night Vision Reverse Camera: Car

Video & Audio Recorder

This Smart Rear Mirror also has a video as well as an audio recorder to record sound if the worst case is present. The Dash cam enables recording, saving, and playback of collected materials. This ensures you are always protected with evidence and peace of mind that this recorder has your back! Pruveeo D700 7-Inch Touch Screen Backup Camera Dash Cam Front and Rear Dual Channel with Rear View Reversing Camera

Full HD LCD 3.5″ Display

The Smart 2-in-1 rearview mirror has a built-in live screen that records your every mile. Say goodbye to big bulky dash cams as this dashcam records in sleek style within your rearview mirror, without getting in the way of your view. High definition recording means that even the smallest details are seen in each recording, meaning that you should be involved in an incident and have high-quality and clear footage. Its 120-degree field of view provides a wide scope of view of the road ahead, massively increasing the chance that you’ll capture an incident if one occurs.

32GB Memory Card Slot

Ready to go, the Forever 2-in-1 Smart Rear View Dash Cam Mirror provides everything you’ll need to start recording your journeys. Included is a 32GB Micro SD card allowing you to record your journeys in full high definition, providing you with time-stamped evidence should you ever need it. This smart dash cam features collision detection safeguarding the impact recording, while standard journeys are overwritten automatically to allow for continuous recording.

Premium Design 

The VR-140 Smart Dash Cam has been crafted with a premium and sleek design without it getting in the way of your driving vision enabling safe and secure driving. The intelligence of this design is a 2-in-1 rearview mirror and on the back is a live dash came ensuring you have all eyes everywhere, without big bulky dash cams being placed everywhere.

Easy Installation

Installing the VR-140 Smart Dash Cam couldn’t be easier thanks simply clip your mirror in, connect and away you go. Ensure a safe and peaceful journey with the Forever brand for yourself and your loved ones.


  • – View Angle: 120°
  • – Premium design
  • – Resolution: HD 1280 x 720px / 640 x 480 px
  • – Battery Capacity: 180 mAh
  • – Video, voice, motion, and timestamp detector
  • – Supported audio formats: WAV
  • – Supported image formats: JPG
  • – Supported video formats: AVI

Accessories Include:

  • – Video Recorder
  • – 2 attachments
  • – USB 2.0 car charger
  • – USB Cable


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