Dahua Smart Door Lock In Kenya

Dahua Smart Door Lock

Brand: Dahua

Unlock: WIFI remote unlock, fingerprint, pin code, card and mechanical key unlock

Waterproof: Yes, due to its rubber design

Colors: silver and gold

Door thickness: 40-90mm

Fingerprint Capacity: 50










Dahua Smart Door Lock In Kenya

Dahua Smart Door Lock In Kenya 2023 at Ksh 35,000


The smart door lock In Kenya can be unlocked in different 4 ways using cards, fingerprints, passwords, and Emergency Keys. The smart door lock has a Privacy password that protects your password to be seen by others· Passage Mode and Non-disturbance Mode are optional as Silence Mode.

The Dahua smart Door lock is designed so that when it comes across consecutive invalid passwords, cards, or fingerprints it will automatically lock itself. The system has a carrying capacity of up to 100 cards, 100 passwords, 100 Fingerprints, and 8 Bluetooth. Battery life is more than 14 months (10 Units/D). Emergency power supply outside. In Kenya, we have two colors options(silver and gold)


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unlocks in 4 ways. You can use WiFi Remote unlock, Fingerprint Unlock, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key Unlock;


Convenient APP management system, you can manage your smart lock anytime and anywhere;


One-Touch Biometric Fingerprint Access.


Query unlock records anytime and anywhere, the first time to know your home security;


Various mortise to fit 99% doors, Especially for European standard 85 & 72 (CC sizes) series.

Power back up

Has an Emergency power supply in case of a power shortage

Waterproof and dust roof

Waterproof rubber design, which is good for the outside door.


Dahua Smart Door Lock Features

Brand Dahua
Sensor Time Less than 0.5 s
Fingerprint Capacity 50
Working Voltage 6 V
Working Temperature -30 ~ + 70 Degrees C
Relative Humidity 10% ~ 93%

FAQ About The Dahua Smart Door Lock

  • What’s the benefit of the Dahua smart door lock? With the Dahua smart door lock you get to lock and unlock the door from your phone, No more hiding away your keys
  • Why should I get a Dahua smart door lock? The smart door lock enhances security and protection in our homestead and workstation
  • What are the features of the Dahua smart door lock? The main components of a smart lock include the physical lock, the key (which can be electronic, digitally encrypted, or a virtual key to providing keyless entry), a secure Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, and a management mobile app.
  • What is the principle of a smart door lock? Your smart lock will contain electronic components allowing it to connect to your home internet either via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-Wave. This is what gives you remote access to the lock via an internet-enabled smart device. Like all locks, smart locks operate with the use of a lock and a key.
  • Is a smart lock useful? Removing the need for physical keys, which can be easily lost or forgotten


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