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BigTech CCTV access control package suits clients in the Kenyan market. The kit is suitable for office owners who want to enhance their workplace security.

The access control system consists of several components. These parts work together towards enabling better access to security surveillance.

The system recognizes and gives authorization for the entry of persons into a premises. This ensures security within the system by giving protection

What is in the standard access control system package?

  • Field Panels
  • Access Cards
  • Card Readers
  • Keypads
  • Electric Lock Hardware
  • Alarms Systems
  • Access Control Software

BigTech CCTV access control package

BigTech CCTV access control system standard package consists of:

  • Mag-lock
  • Biometric Device
  • Back-up Battery
  • 4/8 Core Cable
  • Door Exit
  • Key Switch
  • Door Bracket
  • Break Glass

The Target Clientele for the Package

The access control package is suitable for small office users and homeowners.

The package is suitable for first-time buyers seeking to secure their premises. It is made to suit clientele with modest income.

The access control package affordability and usage

Access Control Systems as a product is still new in the Kenyan market. Most people are still warming up to the idea of investing in security systems.

BigTech CCTV’s starter pack is affordable, easy to install and operate.

On average, the standard package goes for approximately Kes 32,500.

Quality Analysis of the security access package

The access control components in the kit are of high quality.

Each component has a warranty and has acceptable market standards.

Independent technicians who the installations are comfortable with the security package. They recommend it to potential clients who are in need.

The access control kit is compatible with other pre-existing systems. Thus, it is recommended when you want to improve or expand on your existing security system.

Suitability to Customers’ needs

On average, most first-time customers get satisfied with the control system kit on offer. Most get it customized to fit their need and budget. 

It has all the components as well as features needed to enhance security in its premises.

Also, the package is affordable and easy to install. At a price of about Kes 40,000, they are able to buy as well as have the same installed in their homes or offices. 

Customer Experience and Feedback

Most customers give back positive feedback and recommendations. On average, most get satisfied as well as wish to upgrade their security systems in the future.

Some customers have concerns with technical support. This is in regards to the installed access systems in their premises. They get assured of continued Technical support. All technical challenges as well as how to operate the system get sorted out systematically.

Other customers questioned the suitability of the access control package to their needs. On this, site surveys got as well as get planned and conducted by the technical team. Suitable, customized packages then get developed to meet the identified needs and budget.

BigTech CCTV has embraced research as well as customer feedback. This enables it to improve its access control products. Better access control systems supply to suit the customer needs and budgets. 

The merits and demerits of BigTech Access Control Systems


  • Meet security needs
  • Customer-friendly budget wise
  • Easy to install
  • Well known products as well as brands that make up the access security package 
  • Easy to install as well as configure to pre-installed security systems
  • 24/7 technical support


Inability to optimally secure complex building structures

  • Can best work within limited budget as well as users
  • Moderately expensive to most customers with limited budgets

Alternative access control systems

Kenya’s security market is still in its infancy. There are a number of certified distributors within Nairobi as well as other major towns. Many other independent suppliers import as well as distribute the security systems.

Alternative brands are available on the market. Variations occur due to:

  • Availability of the brands
  • Market retail cost 
  • compatibility with other existing security systems
  • Technical know-how 
  • Technical support

Value for Money

It can argue that customers value for money for the BigTech CCTV access control package. For around Kes 32,500 you get:

  • a Mag-lock
  • Biometric Device (F18)
  • Back-up Battery
  • 8 Core Cable roll
  • Door Exit
  • Metallic Key Switch
  • A Door Bracket
  • Break Glass

For the same package, it costs between Kes 50,000-65,000 as offered by most competitors. Technical support is necessary, as well as this gives BigTech CCTV a competitive edge.

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