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CCTV Kenya is a popular term synonymous with most investors owning apartment blocks.

Why you might ask? Their concerns are always on the security and well-being of their existing and future tenants.

Security in urban places has become a major challenge. Crime has escalated with increased urban developments.

CCTV cameras provide much-needed solutions to curb crime and reduce criminal activities. It is true in many zoned residential areas. Better security, as a result, makes such residential areas attractive to potential tenants. Such tenants give priority to the safety of their families and properties.

As well as a residential property owner, you need to consider the needs of your customers. How will you choose the best CCTV cameras for your developed apartments?

The Standard published an article on the importance of CCTV camera installation. Kenya’s government is already working on new guidelines on CCTV Kenya. A policy got drafted in 2019 as a result to address the teething security challenges.

It is a necessity for proper management of CCTV cameras in private and public premises. Property owners need to have proper mechanisms to reduce, detect, and prevent crime.

How best will you as a property owner maximize the security of your high-value investment as well as enjoy your premise?

Best CCTV Camera for your Developed Block
CCTV Kenya for a block of apartments.

Choosing the best CCTV cameras for your block of apartments is a good start. Are you still not sure how to go about it? This article will prove resourceful as well as to you. We will critically at three crucial areas:

  1. Survey of the residential developed property
  2. Costing and Budgeting
  3. Monitoring
  4. Maintenance and Support

Factors to Guide you on Choice of CCTV Cameras.  


You need to use the services as well as of an experienced and competent CCTV camera technician. Have him conduct a thorough survey on your site. You need to consider the key areas of concern and technical aspects.

Ensure you get a detailed report. It will guide you on your next step. Have insights on the type, the number of cameras, and all materials needed. CCTV camera installation requires the use of several components. Understanding the cost will assist in budgeting and sourcing.


 The type of CCTV camera for installation 

You can opt for the normal HD, analog CCTV cameras. Still, you can go for the high-tech, high-performance IP Wireless CCTV cameras. Check and factor in the quality of security footage, distance, and angles of coverage; the space, lighting, and specific concerns should guide your final decision.

The installation of CCTV Cameras in Residential Properties and Homes 

CCTV camera installation takes a reasonable investment. Considering the benefits that you will get from the same, it is worth investing in the same.

Consider a professional approach when installing CCTV installation in residential areas. Have in place reliable internet infrastructure for remote monitoring.

Wireless IP CCTV cameras are recommendable over analog cameras. They have superior performance and integrate well with the advancing technologies.


CCTV Camera can get monitored on a large LED screen, checked from a central secured area. Monitor the areas of interest and concern directly on your smartphone, tablet, as well as a laptop. Through proper configuration, cleared security personnel including yourself will remotely access security footage.

Maintenance and Technical Support.   

When seeking the best CCTV cameras to install, consider the technical support offered. Take a brand and CCTV camera system whose cost of maintenance is minimal.

How accessible are the new parts? When you need to upgrade, replace worn-out parts, and total overhaul, this should not be a problem. Choose a brand and suppliers who give you the assurance

Also, you should get guaranteed support from your supplier:

  • repair of critical parts
  • software upgrades
  • password resets
  • other technical support

These factors should guide your decisions on the brand to stick with.

BigTech CCTV as a Service Provider.  

Hikvision Kenya and Dahua are the two most popular and visible CCTV Kenya brands. Products from HIK and Dahua are well known. They are available, alongside technical support, thanks to their certified dealers countrywide.

BigTech CCTV offers CCTV camera solutions to all its esteemed customers, countrywide. It provides products for both Hikvision and Dahua brands. They do surveys, installation, and maintenance of CCTV cameras. Over time as a result, they have become a force in CCTV Kenya.

As well as you make up your mind on purchasing, check BigTech CCTV’s website for packages and CCTV Kenya prices. Contact us for the best CCTV Kenya deals and security surveillance consultation.

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