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Frequently Asked Questions

Access control is simply the act of allowing access to authorized people into an establishment or a property and denying access to those not authorized to access it. Successful access control limits occurrences of theft or unauthorized actions and assists in identifying the violators.

Any access point can have an access control system. Barriers and even traffic lights can be included. Anywhere where access could be electronically controlled can be included in an access control solution.

Biometric access control relies on human characteristics like fingerprint scanning and facial recognition to provide or deny access to premises.

Biometrics are becoming more relevant than traditional methods. For example, with a card or access code, you are not really sure that the person who accessed your property is the one intended to. Biometric access accertains you that the person intended to access it is exactly the one accessing it. This reduces loss and improves accountability.

In case an access card is misplaced. Report to the security manager immediately so the card can be locked out of the premises and armed to alert responsible parties when the card tries to access the premises.

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