Hilook 16 Channel - BigTech Solutions

Hilook 16 Channel Full Kit

Hilook 16 Channel Full Kit

Resolution: 720p

Brand: Hilook

Harddrive: 500gb

Transmission: 200meters coaxial cable

power supply: 20 Amps

Connectors: 32BNC and 16 DC jacks



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Walkthrough Metal Detector 2022

Walkthrough Metal Detector Features:

  • Metal detection: metal likes a clip
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5° C at 0.5 m to 1.5 m, Target Height: 1.45 m to 1.85 m
  • Multi-Area alarm: Indicates the metal position on the body. Max. 18 areas
  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Temperature filtering
  • Counting display
  • One thermographic camera included
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Intercom Thermo Camera -Bigtech CCTV

Intercom Thermal Camera

Intercom Thermo Camera Key Features

  • Body Temperature Detection
  • Secure infrared Face Recognition
  • Touchscreen Digital Keypad Digital Phonebook
  • Non-Touchscreen Voice Commands Option
  • NFC & Bluetooth contactless via Smartphone
  • RFID contactless via ID card or key fob
  • QR Code and temporary Pin Code generation
  • Waterproof & Impact resistant
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