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Stay secure and keep your family safe with this simple set with 8 cameras as an 8 Channel Kit.


It only took 3 hours to see my home from abroad. Thanks to Bigtech CCTV.

Wanyonyi Ken


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I appreciate straightforward people. They don’t promise what they can’t achieve and are dedicated to making you understand what they are doing.
Tracy Chepchumba
Tracy Chepchumba
I had to upgrade from a 4 camera set to an 8 camera set to cover most of my compound. Bigtech Came through.
Kennedy Mwangi
Kennedy Mwangi

Frequently Asked Questions on 8 Channel Kit

How Long does it take to install 8 CCTV cameras?

Installation of an 8 camera CCTV set takes from 2 hours to 6 hours. It is dependent on the size and complexity of your premises.

Do you conduct site surveys?

Yes, we have technicians located around the country ready to visit your house and conduct a site survey.

Can I have CCTV installed in my rented apartment?

Yes, you can. You have control over the installation of CCTV inside the premises you have rented. In case you need to monitor anything outside your rented premises, get consent from your landlord.

Can I monitor the CCTV footage from my smartphone?

Yes, you can. You just need to have an active internet connection where the CCTV is installed and on your smartphone. We provide clear instructions and demonstrate how to monitor your CCTV footage remotely once we install them.

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