7 Key Questions and Answers on Access Control Systems

access control security system

Buying an Access Control System could be challenging for first-time buyers. When you are well informed, the whole experience is enjoyable. The more knowledgeable you are on security systems, the better decision you will make. Installation depends on initial research and budgeting.

Some of the critical questions you will ask yourself are:

  • Where do I start with acquiring a good access control system?
  • Will I get a good deal as well as value for money?
  • Will it work?

To help you answer these questions as well as others, we have a Q&A to get you more informed.

We hope this article will also guide you in better decision-making on access control.

Questions and Answers on Access Control Security Systems 

1. What is an access control system? 

It is an electronic system designed to control people’s access to a given premise. The system recognizes, authenticates, as well as authorizes the entry of individuals into the premises. 

It gives complete protection to the office or building. Only authorized personnel get cleared to access the premises.

2. What methods used in access control systems? 

Different methods can get used installing as well as operating access control systems. These include:

  • Usernames
  • Passwords
  • PINS
  • Biometric Scans
  • Security tokens

3. What makes up a whole access control system? 

  • Access Control Panel (controller)
  • A physical door or entry point
  • A reader
  • Electromagnetic locks
  • Magnetic door switch
  • Exit device (Request to Exit device-RTE)

4. What are the different types of access control systems? 

Discretionary Access Control System (DAC):

  • The business owner decides the number of personnel who will have access to an office.
  • The system checks the individual credentials of all people who use the system. It either gives or denies access.
  • Flexible as well as easy to use
  • Not secure.

Mandatory Access Control System (MAC)

  • Most secure of all the access control systems
  • gives access to owners as well as stakeholders only.
  • Users granted access based on preset programming
  • Inflexible
  • Best applicable to companies as well as organizations that need the highest levels of security. 

Role-based Access Control Systems (RBAC)

  • Specific job title holders get given access 
  • Permissions granted to Persons under separate job tiles 

Rule-based Access Control

  • Used as an add on to other types of access control systems in place
  • Can change access permission based on specific rules established by the system administrator
  • It helps complement as well as support the other systems

5. Where can I get an access control system? 

Access control systems are available in authorized dealers outlets. Also, you can find them with certified access control installers. 

6. How much is an access control security system? 

The cost of the system you choose will depend on the type you choose.

Simple access control systems such as DAC as costly complex systems such as the MAC.

7. How do I install an access control system in my office? 

Involve certified access control installers to fix the access control system for you. The cost for the whole system will depend on the components you choose as well as the scope of work.

The installers will give you useful insights and a good plan for proper installation. 

Based on their technical advice, you can go ahead and make buying decisions