5 Questions to Ask Before Buying A CCTV Camera

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Ever thought of security from the perspective of enhanced tools? Well, with this, you will understand what you need, and what to check for quality. Here are various reasons why you should choose CCTV in your workplace or at home.

Why Is It Important To Have CCTV Camera?

It is important because of various key advantages like evidence in a court of law. Mostly It can stand in crime as a law enforcer. It can create work productivity in monitoring Employees. It creates an environment with less burglary as well as tracks lost persons. Creates a safer environment for monitoring workers in dangerous conditions.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Security Camera?

It varies from approximately Ksh. 25,000 per Installation. Depending on the type as well as the number of cameras estimated from the site of your choice.

Which CCTV Camera Is Best For Night Vision?

The daytime images with a quality of 1080 or 720 Megapixels compared to nighttime.  They have very dark settings which are good in Thermal Imaging. It shows heat signatures that need a minimal form of a light source to display. Your choice would be an IP camera with Infrared qualities. 

Can CCTV Be For Tracking Staff?

CCTV can be for monitoring on staff but is not a right, or legal, as well as so you should avoid it.  CCTV can only watch staff for their own safety.  A dialogue for an Interview will be beneficial. If there are possibilities of Allegations the CCTV camera can be of use.

Can CCTV Work Without The Internet Connection?

Yes, Without the internet CCTV can work.  The best way to know you have quality as well as a good CCTV it should work without the internet. If a camera is not connected to the Internet is not closed, because the first C letter stands for Closed.