10 Things You Need to Know About CCTV Installation Kenya Today

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Surveillance Cameras as a first-time buyer, acquiring your security surveillance system must be exciting. Being able to monitor activities remotely while away or within the same structure as to where the camera is installed is a thrilling experience.

Increased rates of crime and bad behavior in the society we live in make it necessary to take necessary precautions. Acquiring and installing security cameras could be of great help to you as a homeowner and entrepreneur within a leased structure.

Many people are realizing the importance of CCTV cameras. You must be spending a lot of time inquiring, researching, and trying to work the best CCTV cameras to acquire and install. You will still need a lot of advice on how to go about getting cameras for value, and also be guided on installation.

After going through all the hustle of saving, looking around for the CCTV cameras, and finally purchasing, it is logical that you get an expert to do the installation. DIY is a cheap option, but one that could cost you a great deal in the long run. Not only is it time-consuming, but that is also a likelihood that you could make mistakes in the installation that could result to:

  • Poor coverage
  • Wrong wiring
  • Unoptimised storage
  • Bad signal

Thus, it is necessary to get all the help possible in installation. Hiring a professional to do the work would save you time and resources, which could be used elsewhere productively. When installing CCTV cameras, there are a number of things you need to consider.


You always have a reason for purchasing CCTV cameras. As an initial step, you need to determine the critical areas that you need to be covered, either at home or the workplace. Getting a technician to do a thorough site survey before the installation process is crucial for optimal performance. His insights would be instrumental in determining the best locations to place the cameras. The view, coverage, and focus are all critical to ensuring you maximize how videos are captured and recorded.

Choosing the type of CCTV Cameras for Installation

There are many kinds of CCTV cameras one can choose from for installation. Wired cameras have been on the market and in use for many years now. With the advancement in technology, wireless cameras now provide smarter options for security surveillance. You might opt for the wireless option, which would mean less wiring and access remotely.

Bullet cameras are fixed and focus in one direction. The housing use make is suitable for external mounting. Dome cameras on the other hand provide a wide angle of view. Hence, they are mostly installed in strategic locations in the interior of given structures. When choosing these cameras, you need to consider their coverage (distance) and quality of video recorded (clarity).

Areas for mounting (location)

Coverage is fundamental when deciding on the location you will do the mounting of the CCTV cameras. Corridors, the main gate or vulnerable places with high traffic require specific types of cameras with superior performance, compared to that you put inside the house. Cameras that sense motion and have IR for night vision are increasingly becoming popular because of their applicability and usefulness.

Whereas burglars can beat the CCTV cameras mounted outside, they will still be exposed to the strategically placed cameras in the interior. As such, do it ignore indoor coverage which will provide vital evidence on events as they unfolded when the need arises.

The legality of use of the CCTV Cameras

In public places and work areas, it is courteous and expected of you to inform others that they monitore. Placing a warning sign about CCTV Camera monitoring would save you a lot of trouble. The same goes for workers at home or even visitors. No one would want to hear that they were being recorded on camera, without their consent. Mounting CCTV cameras in people’s private offices and also in private rooms such as bathrooms is illegal and prosecutable if charges are brought forward. As such, installing the CCTV Surveillance Cameras should strictly adhere to the code of good conduct and motive acceptable. 

Permission to instal CCTV Cameras.

Considering CCTV cameras could use against the very people it has to protect or spy on others, permission must sought from relevant authorities before installation the same. Have the consent of your neighbor, company, or shop store who happens to be you, immediate neighbor. Letting people in charge and local authorities know of your intention is critical in reducing chances of disputes, fostering cooperation, and setting boundaries and how far one can go with the same.

Technical Considerations

Each of the CCTV cameras has technical aspects which need to factor in when doing the installation. An experienced technician will come in handy when it comes to considering the technical specifications when mounting the cameras. The cameras must be able to record in HD. Additional equipment and accessories should also be available to make the installation complete.

The CCTV cameras will need reliable storage, with the capacity to keep video recordings for a reasonable time for your reviews and analysis. The hard disk for cameras has a higher capacity compared to that on PCs and laptops. The HDDs have the capability to run continuously for a longer period, compared to hard disks on laptops and computers.

Considering the HDD will always underuse as long as the Surveillance Cameras powered on. They need to replace from time to time. As the user, decide on the time to store the recorded videos. It could take 3 weeks, a month or 3 months to overwrite.

As technology advances, it is also advisable that you change with the changing times. Opt for a more advanced system that can access and controlled remotely. There are wireless systems on the CCTV camera markets that are wireless, seamless, and efficient to users. As cybercrime increases and burglars get smarter. The installation of advanced, complex systems to beat their schemes is of paramount importance.

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