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Easy steps to Install Home Alarm System

  1. Install the central station.
  2. Install the door and window contact sensors.
  3. Mount the motion sensor.
  4. Download the Smart Life app on your phone. Configure the app to connect the alarm system with your smartphone through Wi-Fi.
  5. Arm your house with the remote control.

The last thing you would want for your house is an intruder coming in unnoticed. The very thought of someone being in your house without your knowledge is disturbing.

A wireless alarm system comes to your help by raising an alarm when an intruder enters your house.

By the end of this article, you will know how to set up your one home alarm system in minutes.

What you will need

The Central station for your alarm system

A base station is the brain of your alarm system. It receives signals from the motion and contact sensors. It then sounds the siren and notifies you immediately if someone enters the house.

Door and Window Contact Sensors

These are small sensors placed either on the window or door. 

Motion Detector

This is a device that senses motion within its range of view. 

Remote Control 

The remote control arms and disarms the alarm system.

Stable Internet Connection

To connect the alarm system with your phone, you will need Wi-Fi.

Install the Central Station

As the name suggests, this is the main part and the brain of the alarm system. The central station sounds the alarm when something triggers the sensors. It will also send a notification to your smartphone.

Find a central place in your house and connect the central station to a source of power. Once you power on the central station, it should beep and show a red light.

It is best practice to install it at a central location of your house. This is to enable it to communicate with the contact and motion sensors all around the house.

Ensure you do not install the central station on the floor.

Install the Door and Window Contact Sensors

One contact has a sensor and a magnet. Line up the magnet and the sensor as shown. 

The sensors and the magnet come with double-sided tape. Peel the tape covering and place the sensor on the edge of the door or window. Place the magnet on the wall next to the door or window. 

They should be close to each other and lined up as shown in the above image.

A full kit comes with around five contact sensors. These may not be enough for you if you have more than five doors and windows. It is up to you to vary and see which entry points are the most vulnerable.

It is advisable to put the contact sensors on the entry points which are least monitored. For example the back door of the house. Ensure that the main entry points like the main door of the house also have these contact sensors.

Mount the Motion Sensor

The motion sensor detects any slight movements by anyone in its range of view.

A hallway is the best place to put a motion sensor. A hallway has a wider range of views than a room.

Pick a suitable place in the hallway and place the motion sensor in a high place. 

Download the Smart Life App on your Phone

Go to the play store and download the Smart Life app.

Install the app and open it. Press the plus sign in the top right corner. Pick the option sensors.

Halfway through the page, you will see the option alarm Wi-Fi, click on it. Allow Smart Life to access the location of your device.

Enter the Wi-Fi password.

Switch to AP mode and confirm the indicator is blinking. Press next.

Connect your mobile phone to the device’s hotspot. The alarm system is now connected to the phone through Wi-Fi.

 To set up, touch the common functions tab to go to the control panel of the app. Here you can change the status of the alarm system. The various types of modes present are: Home Alarm System mode, Away mode, Disarmed mode, SOS mode

Arm your House using the Remote Control

The image shows the remote control of an SKK intelligent wireless alarm system. To arm, the house, press the button with the lock icon. This will activate both the motion and contact sensors. When armed, the central station will sound an alarm any time there is an unauthorized entry.

The preferred mode when no one is home is Armed mode. You would not want an alarm to go off every time you pass under the motion detector. 

In disarmed mode, the sensors remain inactive. This is the most suitable mode when you are at home with your family.

You have seen that installing a wireless home security system is very easy. It does not need the expertise to install this Home Alarm System.

You now do not have to worry about any intruders coming into your house. With this alarm system, you can scare away any intruder trying to get inside. With the growing insecurity in the country, I would tell you to focus on getting yourself one.

Alarm system prices vary according to type and brand. Bigtech CCTV sells alarm systems at competitive market prices.

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